Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kaliber 44 - Psychodelic Rap from Poland

Let's listen some psychorap from my country :)


  1. Psychorap from Poland? Oh wow, must check it out

  2. Can you post lyrics in English? Nice

  3. WOW! That's all I have to say. I need to hear some more. Great blog.

  4. That was pretty trippy.

    I liked it!

  5. Jeepers! I'd really love to visit Poland one day.

  6. Very different from music i normally hear, but it was quite good :).

  7. lol this sounds weird but cool i m confused haha
    i like it though

  8. That's one of the most bizzarre things I've ever heard.

  9. Hmmm, not really my style of music, but interesting nonetheless.

  10. I'm not gonna lie. I had no idea what he was saying. But I LOVED that.

  11. rap without understanding the lyrics is .. quite different

  12. Yup this stuff is crazy! Ahh lol

  13. souunds ok. i had no clue poland had this type of stuff though!

  14. Foreign rap is always cool 8)

  15. Wow, crazy sounding stuff. Nice post.

  16. Sounds awesome, but i don't understand a shit :)

  17. This is awesome.

  18. i really like the song! its always a pleasure to find new cool songs :)

  19. They both start with a P at least. :D

  20. understand nothing but anyway great track

  21. Never been a fan of rap, but Kaliber 44 and Paktofonika are the greatest of the great.

  22. I recommended
    Skor- W teatrze niemych lalek
    Buka- Po drugiej stronie lustra

  23. Hello motherfucker, man, you're standing naked

    Your mind is naked among the First Gate to the World of Magic!

    Good day old hocus - pocus, witchcraft - mary

    Our style makes today that you're enchanted

    Points of magic, power level, and I cast the spell check!

    Instantly sparks hundreds of releases is

    Wand for you

    Ubiwszy-biwszy, really?

    Sound like any other - like

    But you're a strange!

    Bring? Sure! This is your first step!

    Stronnice today opened the Book of Mystery

    It was a shock!

    My thoughts, words are crazy

    Me dreams trapped in a straitjacket

    About whore mother, whether they be strong in August it away? Oh yes!

    Psychedelic, psychedelic style

    He begins to be me, I'm starting to get it!

    O Jesus, Mary, and I was hooked

    Notion ... word mean released!

    Hey, man, think about it

    Our hospital is free, although there is a crowd there!

    I'm macho - the thief of time

    In the darkness of the night, mental infirmity

    A time tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, so ...

    Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, yes!

    That's my lady created wind

    That pushes me forward into the depths of the ocean!

    I believe my lady, I no longer believe the Lord

    She stopped time for me

    I did not see those years when created

    Hardcore rap-psycho

    Salty tide floods the text you mouth

    The sun shining sword, the last enemy fell

    Sword and Magic, I do not need a shield

    My style - he does not know the defense

    Assault counts, the last enemy fell

    Born August new! I'll find it!

    Order of Maria falls in with the crowd!

    I sztrumf, sztrumf, bear bale

    Bear, Barry, komfacela

    A teddy bear, teddy bear be, bear Kasia com-fa-ce ...

    Dropped on you!

    Psychedelia, psychedelic style

    We fight for it, we're fighting with him! x4

    Meter, meter by meter, step by step

    Beyond your comprehension, face-to-face

    The purpose

    Jajonasz - (Jajonasz on stage)

    The guard comes out of the shadows Bram

    And the battle! Check it out, check the MC

    It is time, he has come to face the

    Take a look at my armor, move

    That world on this site!

    A flash of smoke! The gate is now opening

    I'm ready to fight! You ask whether I shall not dare

    Oh no!

    Order of Maria rushes to the sky chariot

    Check my style, Magic School

    The Secret Book of the first part!

    It's time to jump in 97 years!

    Please zoom. Jajonasz on the scene, check it out!

    Psy-psychedelia emerged suddenly

    I am Rahim, I was the devil!

    Me fangs flashing in the darkness, draws air

    I'm already running amok!

    Psychedelic, you only have

    Broke into the souls and something left

    I felt the energy and I knew that I must

    That's it!

    The attack took place immediately

    Created a climate of gloom and was champion!

    The darkness enveloped us

    We are the Order, we let us fight for you!

    Do you want to stand with me in the reins?

    Draw your sword and fight!

    Let the Order of the judge who is the best!

    Those who know the power of my magic

    And psycho style - it gives me courage and power!

    Because when it is MM

    You are here nobody, nobody, you're here


    Let my sword MC smells (and feels the weight)

    Which is at the bottom?

    Bottom, bottom, where, where, where is it,

    Where it is, the ... Aaaaa! Psychedelia has no bottom!

    I B.U.C. 'm crazy

    You kiss my hand, kissed my wife's hand

    Psychedelia - this is her name

    It just excites me, only for her dead!

    A time tic, tic, tic, tic, tic, yes!

    Our group is growing more ripped!

    Chained to the wall, lurking in the shadows

    This time, he runs fast!

    Burst the chains, we'll get it all

    What has long been in the brains we have imagined!

    Psychedelic style crash your armor!